Annual Campaign 2018: Craig Poole

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Goal: $2,500

It was over four years ago and I can still remember each day of the five weeks I spent hiking 46 of the highest peaks in New York.  With a group of six kids and my co-leader, that affectionately called me ‘Grandpa,’ I wondered how they would manage such a big expedition. To spend five weeks with no technology, running water (unless the streams count), their only possessions squeezed into their backpacks and the same seven dirty faces as company, they must be crazy, right?

Remembering our highs of celebrating on the summit of Marcy or the group hugs that became known as ‘Koala-ing’ and the lows of being caught in storms or being swarmed by black flies as we tried to put our shoes on after a stream crossing. I realized every memory is tied, not to a mountain or an accomplishment but to each person. We were a unit that worked together towards one goal and for five weeks, these six participants became like my kids. We were a family.

When one person was down another would lift them up, acting goofy or giving them their snack. We all thought we were doing this trip to become Adirondack 46ers, but in the end that was second to having this incredible journey together. Learning from one another to be resilient and positive against all the trials we were going through, a life lesson that can only be gained through experience.

I believe in the power of these adventures and I am passionate about everyone having the opportunities I had. This trip was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and  it’s my mission to give as many people the same kind of memories. With your support, a deserving child can experience a life changing trip like this.

Better Together, We’re Building a Stronger Community.

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