Job Opportunities at Chingachgook

We are excited to share two year-round positions that are now open in our Outdoor Education & Group Service Department. Join the multi-season team at YMCA Camp Chingachgook on spectacular Lake George in the Adirondacks, NY. Using an experiential approach to teaching and program instruction, Outdoor Educators inspire wonder and discovery in students, families, youth, and adult groups through outdoor exploration, Adirondack ecology, and challenge course education. More information on open positions, and instructions on how to apply, is listed below.


Group Services Coordinator – Full Time – Daily Rate – Housing included

This position supports the work of the Y, a leading charity committed to strengthening community by coordinating the assigned programs for group services at YMCA Camp Chingachgook with an emphasis on weekend programs, conferences, special events, trainings, and professional retreats. Responsibilities include program design, planning and implementation, scheduling, staff oversight, client and vendor communications, facility preparation, budgeting, management of supplies, and providing exceptional hospitality. To apply, send cover letter and resume to Patricia Biles at
Outdoor Education and Group Services Assistant – Full Time  – Hourly – Housing not guaranteed

This position supports the work of the Y, a leading charity committed to strengthening community. Essential functions of this role include offering organizational support to the Outdoor Education and Group Services department through phone and digital communications, scheduling, registration, filing, managing supplies, welcoming guests, and promoting programs.  To apply, send cover letter and resume to Patricia Biles at 

We are also seeking applications for the following seasonal positions. Interested applicants can apply here
  • Waterfront Coordinator – extended season
  • Outdoor Educators
  • Sailing Specialists

Outfit Your Adventure AND Give Back to Camp!

A Great New Partnership with The Mountaineer in Keene Valley

While the Adventure Program awaits the exciting arrival of Adventure Trip Leaders, we are excited to announce our new partnership with the Mountaineer. The Mountaineer is “an iconic outdoor specialty store that has been a purveyor of fine mountaineering and outdoor equipment since 1975.” With hospitable, friendly, and vastly knowledgeable staff, the Mountaineer has already made an impact on the Chingachgook Adventure Program, and Chingachgook has given back by purchasing department gear through this local business. 20% of the proceeds from that gear order has gone to support our Annual Campaign, which provides scholarships for campers to attend adventure trips and camp!

This June, during the immersive staff training in the High Peaks, the Adventure team will spend time connecting with Mountaineer staff. The goal is to develop Chingachgook staff’s comfort and familiarity with the tools that will be available to them all summer. Those who will lead trips near Keene Valley, NY can use the store as a resupply station, as well as the expertise of Mountaineer staff when their gear is broken or inoperative. This offers a stronger foundation for Camp’s risk management, as it provides a local hub of communication and learning for trips that experience distress or are in need of reliable communication. The Adventure team is thrilled by the impacts this partnership has already made, and looks forward to finding more ways to grow together in the future. 

This new partnership has an additional benefit for ALL camp families! Chingachgook campers purchasing gear through this custom website will automatically have 10% of their purchase go towards supporting our Annual Campaign!  The Mountaineer possesses a thorough knowledge of Chingachgook’s’ programs, and serves as reliable source of information for all gear needed to feel comfortable and well prepared during your Adventure trip. We are so appreciative of their support and hope you will choose to outfit all your adventures through this outstanding local business! 


2018 Day Camp Weekly Themes

Day Camp at Camp Chingachgook

There is nothing better than spending your summer along the shores of Lake George, in the beautiful Adirondacks! We run 9 weeks of a Monday – Friday Day Camp for campers ages 5-10. Each week has the chance to combine traditional camp activities (like swimming, archery, rock climbing, canoeing and crafts) with a special theme! Check out this year’s themes for each week below. We also offer an optional overnight each Thursday so campers can get ready for Overnight Camp in the future! We currently have spots left in all our day camp weeks, but spaces are filling up quickly so click here to sign up today!


  • Week One // June 25 – 29 // Superhero University
    Bring your capes and masks to discover the hero in you through challenges, adventures, and good deeds. Unlock your chance to become like the Incredibles. Campers will enjoy activities that activate their superhero skills and learn how impactful they can be.

  • Week Two // July 2 – 6 // World Camp Cup
    The world cup brings so many countries together to compete in a month long soccer tournament. Come join us for this week long adventure, learn about some of those countries that compete and try all different sports and activities from around the world.

  • Week Three // July 9 – 13 // Seuss on the Loose
    Oh the places you’ll go! Join us as we explore Dr. Seuss’s timeless stories and share the excitement as some of the books come to life at Camp! Campers will explore the forest through the eyes of the Lorax, and swim with “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” in our sparkling lake!

  • Week Four // July 16 – 20 // Color Wars
    Color Wars is an opportunity for children of all ages to compete in classic camp games through friendly competition. Campers will be assigned a color team of Green or Gold and will work as a team to complete challenging games and activities that earn points for their color.

  • Week Five // July 23 – 27 // Imagine Your World! 
    Let your creative side soar this week and think “outside the box” with fun and outrageous projects. This week is all about exploring new ways to design, build, and create! Campers will have the chance to discover new and exciting arts and crafts as well as STEM activities.

  • Week Six // July 30 – August 3 // Journey Through Time 
    Ever wonder what it would be like to travel back in time hundreds of years? What about jumping into the future? Come along for the journey as we travel through time to experience these eras! Campers get the chance hop on a time machine and see how the dinosaurs live or jump ahead and discover space.

  • Week Seven // August 6 – 10 // Bill Nye the Camp Science Guy
    Put on your lab coats and grab your safety goggles as we join in the fun of science with Bill Nye. Challenge yourself as you explore and discover the maddening matters of science and STEM activities during this week long adventure. Test out science experiments and discover how to safely drop a balloon without it popping and how to make slime.

  • Week Eight // August 13 – August 17 // Scales and Tails 
    Dive into the world of animals and discover the variety of friends with fur, fins, and scales that surround us here in the Adirondacks. Campers will have the chance to splash in the stream and venture into the woods to find all sorts of animals and learn cool and interesting facts about them.

  • Week Nine // August 20 – 24 // Mythological Mystery
    Are you good at finding clues? Can you help solve mysteries? Then we need you this week as we channel our imaginations for a mythological adventure! Campers will get to unleash their detective skills as we defeat dragons and earn clues from creatures of all sorts!

April Wilderness Training for Summer Staff

With warm weather on our heels and the start of summer programs beginning to creep closer, the Chingachgook Adventure Program is preparing for the start of wilderness trips with gear maintenance, facility management, logistic updates, and all of the work that goes into making trips safe and enriching. After 105 years in the business, we know that the best way to do that is by training our staff to manage off-site experiences and respond to incidents effectively.


Our first wilderness staff training welcomed our Adventure department’s first program of the year. During an unseasonable April snow storm, a group of our 2018 summer camp counselor made their way to Chingachgook for this hands on training. With such wintery weather, the crew stayed close to home, but had a productive four days of immersive training in the field. We will host two more wilderness trainings for overnight camp staff in May and June, alongside our three-week Adventure trip staff training starts up on June 8th and the last Wilderness training on June 12th. The spring is always an exciting time as we see more and more staff head to camp to prepare for the best summer ever! Click here to read more about the updates and improvements we are making to our wilderness and adventure staff training.


2018 has brought a number of revisions to our staff trainings. Training groups, previously a mixture of returners and new staff, will be split for the first time into groups by length of employment at Chingachgook. This division will narrow the types of skills and lessons each staff member learns, as incoming staff will work to develop their philosophical understanding of outdoor adventure and build their confidence in outdoor skills. Returners will have an opportunity to fine-tune skills they learned previously, as well as practice facilitating hands-on experiences of these skills with campers. Our most senior staff will train as summer mentors for incoming staff and will work on improving judgement while in the field. Our overall focuses for trainings this year are hard-skills, self-reliance, healthy judgment, and risk management.


The past ten years has seen significant advancements in the quality of training for outdoor adventure professionals. Chingachgook consistently updates field and response protocols to maintain an industry standard in risk management. We hope to see another jump in the effectiveness of our staff trainings after Chingachgook hosts the inaugural Northeast Adventure and Trip Symposium in November of 2018, where the year round Adventure team will work with leading industry professional in improving participant and staff experiences in the field by building a more engaging and well-managed environment.


Reflections on Chingachgook, Family and Giving Back


Because of our committed camp family and donors, we’re helping an unprecedented number of people in need. This is a tremendous accomplishment and will be absolutely life changing for those we serve at Chingachgook this year.  Below, our Summer Camp Director, Jiné Andreozzi, reflects on why she chooses to support our Annual Campaign.

My story in supporting Chingachgook’s Annual Campaign revolves around family, connecting with the family you were born with and expanding the family you choose. Camp to Belong (CTB) has benefited from support through our Annual Campaign for the past 8 years. This program has grown to helping 25 campers living in foster care connect with their biological siblings at Camp, siblings whom they don’t always get to see throughout the year as they are living in separate foster homes. As someone who found a renewed relationship and closeness with my own sister by sharing a Chingachgook experience, this program has always been close to my heart. Camp brings families together through this program but also gives these campers a network of friends that become family. Having CTB join us each year, during first session, gives these kids a chance to define themselves outside their status as a child in foster care and a chance to have a normative childhood experience at summer camp.

All of these benefits I saw played out while working and playing alongside one CTB family this past summer. A family of 5 siblings, all in separate foster homes, who were finally able to have their youngest sibling experience Camp, as he had just turned 7. The oldest siblings were fiercely protective of their youngest sibling and eager to show him the ropes. They made sure he had his life jacket on for swimming before they even thought about getting to swim themselves. They also had a familiarity with our staff, knew their brother’s counselors and encouraged him to get to know those counselors, even though he struggled trusting new adults at school.

Once the youngest sibling was settled in, however, is when the true magic happened. These siblings loved having family time in the morning and then would shout “see ya laters” to their siblings as they eagerly ran to catch up with cabin friends. They would share waves, smiles, and a quick hug when they passed on the super highway while walking to afternoon skill classes. They’d say hi in the dining hall and then happily go back to filling in their counselors and cabin mates on their activities of the day. At night, the oldest siblings would go with a counselor and a CTB volunteer to hug their siblings, say goodnight and tell them they loved them…a simple routine often taken for granted when you see your siblings every day. This was the moment I realized how much of a positive difference we’re making in this family’s life. I can’t express how lucky I am to work at a place that provides these kids that normalcy, even if just for a week. This magic happens because of our annual campaign and I personally give so that we can offer this experience to even more siblings in future summers. I give because I believe in spreading the love and connections every person finds when they become a part of the Chingachgook family. 

New Skill Classes for summer 2018!

Garage Band : This class gives campers a chance to showcase their talents, while exploring new musical abilities in a group setting. Classes will work on learning a new song to perform featuring an ensemble of instruments. For beginner and experienced musicians. Bring your own instrument (or voice), or use one of ours!



Basketball: Learn basketball basics through drills, and scrimmages. Practice teamwork and new skills through daily games on our two basketball courts.


The Newsroom: Join the team responsible for reporting the news at Camp Chingachgook! Contribute to the weekly newspaper featuring articles on noteworthy events around camp, comics, poems, essays, and drawings, and much more. This class is a great way to explore individual creativity, while working as part of a bigger team!


Varsity Sports Club: For Seniors. Develop new skills, practice teamwork and have fun every day with a different sports activity: Chingaball, whiffle ball, kickball, soccer, basketball and more.

Easter Brunch at Chingachgook

Camp Food Service and Maintenance Conference

Camp Food Service and

Maintenance Conference

March 27-29, 2018


The Food Service & Maintenance Conferences have long been staples of the Adirondack Training Institute’s offerings and we are excited to announce an update for this year’s conference! We are combining these great professional development opportunities into one conferenceWe will continue to focus on providing industry-specific and hands-on sessions as well as opportunities to collaborate and network with your colleagues. The new format will make traveling to the conference more cost effective for you and your Camp, thus allowing for multiple food service and maintenance staff members to benefit from this unique and worthwhile experience. Instructors and speakers come from national associations and are recognized experts in food service, maintenance and camping.  Click here for information on pricing and registration.


Pre-Conference: Monday, March 26th

  • ACA Standards Course. 9am-2:30PM. Free course to prepare directors for their ACA accreditation.
  • Serv Safe Class and Exam. Extra fee – see conference registration form.
  • Camp Food Service Management. Extra fee – see conference registration form.



Please mail, fax, or email one Registration Form per attendee. Register before February 16th to get our Early Bird Discount! 

  • If flying into Albany Airport, we can provide a shuttle for an additional fee of $25 each way. Please arrange to arrive by 3PM the day before the conference and depart after 2PM the closing day of the conference.
  • Overnight lodging is available at Chingachgook in rustic, heated, shared bunk cabins with bathrooms in a separate building. The cost for lodging is $25 per night.
  • The Best Western Hotel in Lake George offers a discounted rate of $85/night for conference attendees, please call the hotel directly at 518-668-5701 and mention “Camp Chingachgook YMCA.” A shuttle will be provided to and from Camp each day.
  • There is also a block of rooms reserved at a discounted rate of $109/night at the Courtyard by Marriott Lake George, click here to reserve a room or call 518-761-1150 and Mention “Camp Chingachgook.” A shuttle will be provided to and from Camp each day.

Mail: YMCA Camp Chingachgook. 1872 Pilot Knob Rd. Kattskill Bay, NY 12844.
Fax: 518-656-9362
For more questions please call 518-656-9462.


EndorsementsACA Educational Endorsement

The North American Camp Food Service Conference is an Educational Endorsed program of the American Camp Association and also endorsed by the YMCA and the Girl Scouts.


For more information please visit

Adult Snowshoe Excursion

Explore the Adirondacks Via Snowshoe!


Keep cabin fever at bay and explore the beauty of the Adirondacks in the winter season. No previous experience required! Whether you’re a beginner or have years of experience, our staff will create a custom adventure exploring the network of trails surrounding Chingachgook. This event runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and is $43 for YMCA members and $48 for nonmembers. Snowshoes, instruction and lunch are included in the cost.

Click Here to Register for Adult Snowshoe


Winter Camp


For more information call 518-656-9462
Returning Campers (including summer) register here
New Campers register here