Camp Memories

440Many of you have some great memories of Camp Chingachgook that you would like to share with other Alumni or even current Campers.

The Camp Chingachgook Alumni is dedicated to preserving Camp Chingachgook’s past and we would like you to be a part of that.  We on the Alumni Council are looking for your contributions.

We would like to collect as many pictures, videos and memories of Camp as we can.  We are hoping to feature one former Camper or Staff Member Memory every month.

We are also collecting and digitizing your old photos.  You can send us photos to archive and digitize as we embark on a five year plan to digitize and archive as much of Camp Chingachgook’s history as possible.  You can view the photos we have collected, digitized and made available to you so far in the Camp Chingachgook Photo Galleries arranged, for the most part, by decade.

Additionally, we are hoping to assemble a large video library from camp archives and your donations.


Do you have a memory of camp you would like to share? Photos or videos of Camp you would like added to our permanent archive?