Outfit Your Adventure AND Give Back to Camp!

A Great New Partnership with The Mountaineer in Keene Valley

While the Adventure Program awaits the exciting arrival of Adventure Trip Leaders, we are excited to announce our new partnership with the Mountaineer. The Mountaineer is “an iconic outdoor specialty store that has been a purveyor of fine mountaineering and outdoor equipment since 1975.” With hospitable, friendly, and vastly knowledgeable staff, the Mountaineer has already made an impact on the Chingachgook Adventure Program, and Chingachgook has given back by purchasing department gear through this local business. 20% of the proceeds from that gear order has gone to support our Annual Campaign, which provides scholarships for campers to attend adventure trips and camp!

This June, during the immersive staff training in the High Peaks, the Adventure team will spend time connecting with Mountaineer staff. The goal is to develop Chingachgook staff’s comfort and familiarity with the tools that will be available to them all summer. Those who will lead trips near Keene Valley, NY can use the store as a resupply station, as well as the expertise of Mountaineer staff when their gear is broken or inoperative. This offers a stronger foundation for Camp’s risk management, as it provides a local hub of communication and learning for trips that experience distress or are in need of reliable communication. The Adventure team is thrilled by the impacts this partnership has already made, and looks forward to finding more ways to grow together in the future. 

This new partnership has an additional benefit for ALL camp families! Chingachgook campers purchasing gear through this custom website will automatically have 10% of their purchase go towards supporting our Annual Campaign!  The Mountaineer possesses a thorough knowledge of Chingachgook’s’ programs, and serves as reliable source of information for all gear needed to feel comfortable and well prepared during your Adventure trip. We are so appreciative of their support and hope you will choose to outfit all your adventures through this outstanding local business!