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Partners with Parents

Sending your child to summer camp is a big decision. At Camp Chingachgook, we want to work hand-in-hand with parents before, during and after their child’s camp experience to ensure a positive impact throughout.

Parent Resources for Summer Camp on Lake George


One of the amazing benefits of summer camp is the independence your child builds during their time away from you. In many cases though, they won’t be ready to embrace that independence without the proper encouragement and preparation. Before sending your child to Camp for the first time, please consider bringing them for a visit. Your child (and you as well) will benefit from a personal connection with the Camp and its staff prior to them being dropped off for a stay on their own.


There are many opportunities to visit Camp Chingachgook prior to your summer camp session. Open houses are offered throughout the spring, and the Camp also provides a variety of family days and weekends each season of the year. You can find these and other options to visit on our website’s calendar of events.


Researching Camp prior to your visit gives you confidence to ask specific questions. Please use the resources on this website as a starting point, and include your child in your research. The American Camp Association also has valuable resources available for parents choosing a summer camp.


YMCA Camp Chingachgook is proud to be a partner in your child’s summer experience. We are always available for questions, or a private tour. Please give us a call if we can help any step of the way. 518-656-9462