Scout Weekends

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all Fall programs at Chingachgook are currently suspended. Please check back soon for more information.

Bring your troop to Lake George

girl-scoutsTake the hassle out of planning an outing for your troop. YMCA Camp Chingachgook is the perfect setting for a day or overnight trip with your scouts. We customize programming to fit your troop’s needs and goals. Whether you choose badge work, a journey or take advantage of the programs and activities available at camp, our staff facilitates tailored activities for your scouts. Day excursions include lunch while overnight excursions include lodging and additional meals.

Brownies and Juniors generally complete all requirements in one day, while Cadettes and Seniors can work on more intensive aspects of badges requiring outdoor and environmental components.

Dates & Rates

  • Cost starts at $37 per scout for troops with 8 or more.
  • A trained Outdoor Educator will be your troop’s teacher and guide for the day.
  • Your day runs from 9 to 5 and includes lunch.
  • Extra meals and overnight options are available for an additional fee
  • 2020 Dates:
    • May 9-10
    • September 12-13
    • October 3-4

Program Offerings

Chingachgook offers the following merit badges and activities for Boy Scouts:
  • Archery
  • Campingdoc02671320160710154453_001
  • Canoeing*
  • Hiking
  • Insects
  • Kayaking*
  • Nature
  • Orienteering
  • Plant Science
  • Reptile and Amphibian Study
  • Riflery
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Small Boat Sailing *
  • Swimming*

*additional cost- seasonal activities run based on water and air temperatures.

Chingachgook offers the following badge and journey work for Girl Scouts:


Buddy Camper 

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Camping is an adventure! You play in nature, eat outside, and sleep under the stars with your family or buddies – your buddies could be the girls in your troop, or other friends. Are you ready to go camping?

  1. Help plan a camping trip
  2. Help pack for your trip
  3. Go camping

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to go camping—at a campsite or in a back yard—with my family or friends.

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Outdoor Art Maker 

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From a blue sky to a bird’s song, nature can give you lots of ideas for art! Get ready to explore the outdoors and use what you see and hear to make different kinds of art projects.

  1. See the colors of nature
  2. Hear the sounds of nature
  3. Share your outdoor art

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to look at nature like an artist and make my own outdoor art. 

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  • Gloria 

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     Respect Myself and Others
    1. Talk about “Gloria’s Story”
    2. Invite an older Girl Scout to talk to your group about ways to respect yourself and others
    3. Practice respecting yourself and others

    When I’ve earned my Gloria petal, I will know how to respect myself and others, just like Gloria the Morning Glory.

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  • Mari

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    Responsible For What I Say and Do
    1. Talk about “Mari’s Story”
    2. With your Daisy friends, act out different ways to be responsible during the day — from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed!
    3. Practice being responsible for what you say and do

    When I’ve earned my Mari petal, I will know how to be responsible for what I say and do, just like Mari the Marigold.

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  • Sunny

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    Friendly and Helpful
    1. Enjoy “Sunny’s Story,” then talk about it
    2. Make a mural based on “Sunny’s Story” with your Daisy friends
    3. Practice being friendly and helpful

    When I’ve earned my Sunny Petal, I will know how to be friendly and helpful, just like Sunny the Sunflower.

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  • Zinni

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    Considerate and Caring
    1. Talk about “Zinni’s Story”
    2. Come up with ideas of how to be like Zinni
    3. Practice being considerate and caring

    When I’ve earned my Zinni petal, I will know how to be considerate and caring, just like Zinni the Zinnia.

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  • Lupe

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    Honest and Fair
    1. Talk about “Lupe’s Story”
    2. Act out the story with your Daisy friends — each girl can take a different part
    3. Practice being honest and fair

    When I’ve earned my Lupe Petal, I will know how to be honest and fair, just like Lupe the Lupine.

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First Aid 

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  • dsc_0517
  • Juniors
    • Camper
    • Animal Habitats
    • Gardener
    • Simple Meals
    • Animal Habitats
    • Flowers
    • Drawing
    • Junior First Aid
    • “Get Moving!” Journey
    • “Agent of Change” Journey
  • Cadette
    • First Aid
    • Trees
    • Trailblazing
    • Night Owl
    • “Breathe” Journey
    • “aMaze!” Journey
  • Seniors
    • Adventurer
    • Senior First Aid
    • Sky
  • Ambassador
    • Water
    • Ambassador First Aid
Chingachgook Adventures
  • Hikes
  • Teambuilding (games and field initiatives)
  • Low Ropes
  • High Ropes*
  • Climbing Tower*
  • Archerydsc_0572
  • Wilderness Skills


  • Snow Shoeing
  • Snow Tubing


  • Canoeing*
  • Kayaking*
  • Sailing*

* indicates additional fee