The Smartest Lake in the World

Camp Chingachgook Educators Study the
“Smartest Lake in the World”

Lake George, one of the most studied bodies of water in the world, has earned the moniker “Smartest Lake in the World”. At Camp Chingachgook we are working to harness this scientific research and share it with future generations.


 Chingachgook Educators Visiting the FUND for Lake George

Early this past April, outdoor educators from Chingachgook spent an afternoon at the Center for Lake George, the FUND for Lake George’s new meeting place dedicated to lake protection. Corrina Parnapy, water quality outreach coordinator for the FUND, presented the most current data and research surrounding the health of this pristine body of water. Outdoor educators were treated to state of the art visualization technology highlighting bathymetric (bottom of the lake) survey data, made possible by the Jefferson Project. They also studied  water quality, watershed science, and environmental impacts facing Lake George. The session was informative and directly applicable to Camp’s environmental education programs.


Chingachgook is already implementing this new knowledge. On canoe trips, stream and wetlands classes, teacher in-service days, and through the YMCA Earth Service Awards, outdoor educators have been better able to reinforce the concepts of watersheds, water quality, and environmental stewardship.  More than 7,000 children participate in programs annually at YMCA Camp Chingachgook on the shores of Lake George where they immerse themselves in this wondrous Adirondack ecosystem and make lasting connections with our natural world.


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